First Steps to Online Retail Seminar in São Paulo This Week

Starting today, UpaLupa will commence its week-long workshop, First Steps in Online Retail (Primeros passos no verejo Online), in São Paulo. Hosted by Lídia Dutra and Ralph Zeppelini, the intensive seminar will provide attendees with essential know-how in Brazil’s growing online retail and e-commerce market.

Various themes will be covered during the week, including business planning, marketing strategy, technologies and innovation. The seminar will also delve into specific issues like online payments, mobile development and recommendation systems., and Queroo will be presented as case studies as well. And, participants will have the chance to present their own projects as the week comes to a close.

The event will take place from now until Friday at MyJobSpace in São Paulo. There may still be time to sign up – contact event organizes to find out.