Nokia Siemens Networks to Open 4G Plant in Brazil

When it comes to internet connections and wireless, Brazil still has a long way to go. It’s an issue we’ve heard about time and time again. As the country aims to become the world’s third-biggest It market by 2022, it’s got some work to do, as do all those hoping to capitalize on its success.

This week, a promising advancement was made with the announcement that Nokia Siemens Networks will be opening an assembly line with contract manufacturer Flextronics International Ltd in Brazil.

The plant will build next generation mobile phone networks and begin shipping 4G wireless equipment in October. Nokia Siemens will accompany local carriers build out networks in preparation for the 2014 World Cup.

Ken Wirth, head of the Americas region at Nokia Siemens, told one news source:

What we’re looking to do is align our manufacturing capacity close to the markets that we’re selling in. So that lowers our transport costs, tariffs and any other things that pop up.

Wirth further revealed that Nokia Siemens hopes to grow its Latin American market share, citing that the region currently contributes to 13% of the company’s revenue. As to what’s to come, he mentioned small cell installations.

Brazil Goes 4G

Expansion in the 4G sector has been on the Brazilian backburner for quite some time now, so it’s no wonder Nokia Siemens is getting in on the mix. In June, the country issued 4G broadcast licenses that required 60% Brazilian content in the hardware installed.

Though the decision didn’t exactly thrill corporations abroad, something tells us the opportunity represented by the Brazilian marketplace, with or without the requirement, is something few will want to pass up.