Nine Startups to Launch at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Brazilian Pavilion in September

Brazil will have a special presence at the upcoming TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. Thanks to TechCrunch columnist and Initial Capital investor Roi Carthy, a Brazilian Pavilion will be set up to feature up-and-coming Brazilian startups at the event.

TechCrunch Disrupt 2012, which will take place from September 8th through 12th, is one of the most important affairs of the startup community around the world. The magnitude of the opportunity for the Brazilian startups lined up to attend is immeasurable.

More than 30 Brazilian startups will have a presence at the event – all of which have been in business for less than two years and have received no more than US$2 million in investments. For many of the entrepreneurs within the group, this will mark the first time they are taking their products overseas.

Nine Brazilian startups will take advantage of the TechCrunch Disrupt Brazilian Pavilion to launch their products. And who could ask for a better stage to do so?

Ready to Launch:

Founded by Bob Wollheim and Dirceu Pauka Jr., Appies is a platform aimed at helping developers deal with the business end of their work. It is a bit of a startup-accelerator hybrid that supports those working on APPs and APIs. The company received a seed round investment from Trindade Investimentos earlier this year.


WineTag is a social network for wine connoisseurs and purchasers. With their mobile devices, consumers scan QR codes to bring up information on the wine they’re considering – expert opinions, consumer reviews, etc. WineTag will be represented by Márcio Cunha.


Cuponomia comes from the same line as ApontaOfertas and Regrupe. Headed by Antônio Miranda and Vinicius Dornela, the platform gathers deals and coupons and also allows users to upload discounts from various Brazilian retailers, discount sites and sellers.


Out of idevelop and presented by Bruno Kenj, PinMyPet is something like a Pinterest for pet lovers. While it’s official website is yet to launch, its Facebook page will surely keep animal enthusiasts entertained.


This wireless payment terminal and app will be represented by Fabiano Cruz. Working with iPad, iPhone and Android, it is compatible with virtually all forms of payment, rewards customers and even e-mails invoices. The Zoop reader is a mobile POS solution. 

Bruna Bittencourt and Alexandre Ferreira will present at TechCrunch Disrupt. The platform, which is still in its beta version, helps users with every step of wedding planning. It is integrated with social networks and provides couples with a simple and complete wedding-planning experience.

The SpaceAppz team, composed of Fabio Seixas, Alexandre Ribenboim, Beto Largman and Felipe Venetiglio, will head to San Francisco. SpaceApps is a marketing agency focused on the apps sector. It helps brands explore marketing options through the evolving Brazilian apps ecosystem. is a travel platform that sends e-mail alerts to travelers looking to get from one place to another on a specific budget. Set to be represented at the Brazilian Pavilion by Bruno Lima, it allows users to set up notification requests in just four simple steps.


Poup, which will be represented by Gustavo Gorenstein, gives cash rewards to individuals who purchase online from retailers through the Poup platform. Users select stores through the Poup website, and after purchase, they receive cash back to their private banking or PayPal accounts.

The startups launching products at TechCrunch Disrupt won’t be the only enterprises present at the Brazilian Pavilion. Other startups set to attend include Igluu, and Easyaula.

The designation of a specific space to Brazil within TechCrunch Disrupt is representative of just how important Brazil has become within the international technology community. The startups to attend are responsible for further solidifying the country’s place on the world stage.


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