21212’s Creative Challenge Puts New Twist on Startup Hiring

Brazil’s 21212 Digital Accelerator is about to put a whole new twist on the HR concept for startups.

In Rio de Janeiro this Saturday, August 25th, the accelerator will host Desafio Criativo 21212 (the 21212 Creative Challenge), in which job-seekers will vie for design positions with five of its startups. A total of 40 candidates will compete.

During the eight-hour event, participants will be divided into eight five-person teams. These teams will be assigned a problem related to a specific theme and have four hours to formulate a solution. Coding won’t be required – entrepreneurial aptitude, business model formulation, solution relevance and design quality will be the main elements for evaluation.

At the end of the day, five individuals will be selected to fill openings in the following 21212 enterprises:

Bidcorp (Construction)
Easyaula (Education)
Site Sustentável (Sustainability)
XJobs (Outsourcing)
Zona Universitária (Education)

The event will offer a number of benefits for competitors, including those who are not selected. Marcelo Sales will give a presentation on the startup ecosystem in Brazil, and other members of the 21212 team will mentor participants on product development, digital design and design thinking. Attendees will also have access to a short business model workshop.

Beyond the possibility of joining one of the 21212 startup teams, the victor of Desafio Criativo will also receive US$150 (R$300) to be used towards courses at Ensayaula. All participants will take part in a drawing for prizes as well.

Though the event does come at a small cost, it represents a huge opportunity for digital and graphic designers looking to break into the local startup ecosystem. Those interested in participating must complete a qualification questionnaire to determine contest eligibility.