AppCircus São Paulo Finalists Announced

The ten finalists for AppCircus São Paulo were announced today!

The group will compete next Thursday, August 23rd. The leaders behind the ten apps will present three-minute pitches to a panel of judges,  the winner will get a chance to earn a nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards during the 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The ten finalists are:

1. Porto Vias, which delivers real-time traffic information in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

2. iPostal, an app that allows users to send pictures as real printed postcards.

3. Locamob, a location-based social network that connects people with similar tastes, suggests, provides reviews and information on local businesses and announces last-minute offers from merchants.

4. VideoVivo, a community marketplace where professionals can list, discover, and share knowledge work over live video.

5. XH₂O, a casual water-challenge game..

6. Happy Squirrels, a time management game.

7. Playphone Social Gaming Network, which offers hundreds of free games.

8. JiTT, an inteligent offline audio guide created by historians that gives tourists the best tour possible given the time they have. Never get lost in the group again!

9. The Social Radio,a mobile platform that converts the timeline of your social networks in a radio.

10.- Panarchy Fling, an animal-themed pinball game. So cute.

We’ll let you know how the competition plans out next week! And if you’re in São Paulo, you can watch the finals live – pick up your ticket here.