Peixe Urbano Delivery Launches in Rio de Janeiro

Peixe Urbano has launched Peixe Urbano Delivery in Rio de Janeiro. Already available in Campinas, the company will target São Paulo and other cities next.

Through Peixe Urbano Delivery, users can search restaurants, view menus, order, pay and monitor delivery status – all in real time and free of charge. The system also helps restaurants to acquire new clients and serves as a marketing tool.

Ilson Bressan, Gastronomy Manager at Peixe Urbano, described the company’s expansion into delivery in Rio de Janeiro and other cities as an important step in its strategy of creating a complete platform that goes beyond collective buying. Bressan explained that Peixe Urbano’s objective is to help consumers to discover businesses in their cities and, in turn, aid businesses in their growth. The company’s delivery endeavors are one aspect of this.

In Rio de Janeiro, Peixe Urbano Delivery has already established a solid catalog of restaurants, including pizzeria Mamma Jamma and Japanese eatery Geisha Hi-Tech. Given the credibility of Peixe Urbano in the Brazilian market, the restaurants it features will likely get a big boost.

Horizontal & Vertical Strategy

Peixe Urbano’s expansion in the area of online food delivery comes as no surprise, considering the market is growing at a rate of 12% annually. It is making similar strides in the online restaurant reservations sector and will surely have more updates there soon. As Communications Director Leticia Leite let on when we last spoke with her. Peixe Urbano’s growth strategy will be both vertical and horizontal as it continues to solidify its position as a leading Brazilian corporation.