Online Printing Platform Printi Launches in Brazil

With the backing of a big round of seed funding, online printing platform Printi has officially launched. Out of Brazil, the company is based on the Web2Print market concept.

Taking on Offline Competition

Printi will aim to compete with offline printers in Brazil, redefining traditional graphic models, streamlining communications, reducing bureaucracy and, in turn, bringing down prices (the company indicates a cost reduction of up to 20%). It also offers special features, such as file checking, product simulation, dynamic quotations and templates.

Currently, the Printi platform features five main types of products: business cards, letterhead, posters, catalogs and flyers. It contains various variations of items within these categories, ranging from brochures to menus, for a total of 6,000 unique products overall.

Florian Hagenbuch, co-founder and CEO of Printi, estimates the offline graphics market value at US$15 billion – a hefty amount for Printi to dip into. He also acknowledges the printing sector’s slow technological evolution. Printi will bring a new flare to the niche in the online world with a focus on user experience, purchase simplification and easy navigation.

Following yesterday’s launch, the Printi team will continue to refine its proposal. The website’s product offer will continue to expand, ranging from magazines and books to holographs and 3D images. Printi will also target small- and mid-sized businesses and work alongside such clients to better meet their needs. Moreover, the company will expand its library of templates for clients without their own art.

A Little Help from Friends

Printi was founded by Hagenbuch and Mate Pencz, two German nationals who met while working at Goldman Sachs. Both have significant backgrounds in business and economics. Their previous work experience and networking abilities likely helped them to gather the seed funds necessary for Printi’s launch. Numerous widely-recognized figures have invested in the company, including Kai Schoppen (Brandsclub), Florian Otto (Groupon Brazil), Fabrice Grinda (OLX), Joe Lonsdale (Palantir Technologies and PayPal) and Peter Fernandez (Google).