StartupSaúde Brazil: A healthy world with technology

Health. Defined as the general condition of a person’s mind, body and spirit, usually meaning to be free from illness, injury or pain.

Technology is helping us to preserve and take care of our health. And EmprenderSaúde, the biggest community of entrepreneurs and innovation related to health sector in portuguese, want to meet all the entrepreneurs that are making or want to make a change on the health sector, and they will held their first event on May 12th and 13th: StartupSaúde Brazil.

StartupSaúde Brazil is made in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Center of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) and Startup Farm, Anjos do Brasil and Digital Revolution Health. In addition, Halle Tecco, CEO of Rock Health -the largest incubator of health sector startups-  will become mentor for one of the startups during 3 months.

StartupSaúde Brazil is an initiative to select 10 startups that will participate in a business game where they will share experiences, discover opportunities and expand their contacts. During the event, the selected teams will have access to mentoring experts that will help them accelerate their business, and at the end, present their companies to a panel of investors.

30 mentors from the health sector in Latin America were selected for StartupSaúde Brazil, some of them are:

Bradesco Saúde
Anjos do Brasil (biggest angel investors network in Brazil)

In the first session of the event, business plans will be discussed and then startups will make an exploration and analysis of strategic associations. The event will end on Sunday afternoon with a presentation of elevator pitches to the audience and special guests of the health sector.

If you have a startup related to health, and want to be part of this entrepreneurial weekend, you can buy your ticket here; if you don’t have an startup, you can attend Demo Day on May 13th.

Startups for a healthy world.