Startups and vacations: The perfect combination

Tech startups. When you hear this, most probably you think about games, instant messaging or social networks; but what about vacations? Yes, some startups aim to help travelers, like you, to book hotels, find amazing touristic places or share your vacation experiences with other users.

Who says tech entrepeneurs don’t think about relaxing, visit exotic places or escape to a hotel in the middle of Brazil, Africa or London? Here’s a proof that they like to go on vacations and enjoy a good time, hope you find a useful one to plan or enjoy your holiday:

Not only booking in this site is easy, cause they give you many options betweens hostels and hotels, also, you’ll be able to find people who will stay in those hostels and hotels at the same time you are planning to. becomes a social network for travelers and gives you the opportunity to meet your host previously to your trip. The site is available in spanish, english and portuguese, when you sign up (with mail or Facebook account) you can refer users to the site, if they book using the link you share, you get paid for it, cool right? Go ahead, search a place, find travelers and share a great time.


Imagine a place you want to visit. How many days do you want to stay in that place?, now that you have an idea, visit LetMeGo, type the info in the “calculator” and let hotels, bed&breakfasts places and vacation rentals compete for your stay. Yes!, you only have to add some info (how many people, how many days and budget of your trip -optional-), and this search engine, find for you many options to stay, according to the prices and dates you previously gave. For example, if you search London between August 8th to August 16th, you can find hostels, hotels and apartments from USD $55 to USD $3,174, it’s up to you where to stay. Site available in spanish and english.


With LetMeGo you have hotels and vacations rentals competing for your stay, in SnappyGo travel advisors compete to help you plan your vacations. You can login to the site with your Facebook account (or regular sign up with email), and then you are ready to plan your trip. What you have to do?, follow the steps below and then, the form will be sent to an advisor, within 24 hours, you’ll receive an email with proposals from travel advisors, for free. How great is that?

If you find these sites useful, let me know, I’m already using them to plan my next vacations, but would love to hear your own experiences, what places did you visit or want to visit?

Enjoy the holiday!

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