Latin American projects (or related) on Kickstarter, let’s back them up!

How great is to have an idea, share it to the world and get funded by hundreds or thousands to make it real? Sounds amazing? With Kickstarter -the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects- is possible.

No matter where you live, if you want to develop a project related to music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing or other creative fields, then you are in the right place. All you have to do is sign up -you can do it old-fashion way (name, mail, password) or login with your Facebook-, and welcome! now you’re ready to upload your creative project or support others.

To support a project on Kickstarter, follow these steps -I suggest to create an Amazon account before support, you’re gonna need it in the process-:

1. Go to the project page


3. Enter your pledge amount (any amount of USD$1 or more; or you can select an amount given by the founder of the project to get a reward), scroll down and click GO TO THE NEXT STEP

4. If you didn’t take my suggestion, in this step you have to create an Amazon account, and upload your card info to proceed with the payment. If you pay attention and create your account, you just have to put your mail and password and accept the payment.

5. Once you CONFIRM the transaction on Amazon, you will be redirected to Kickstarter page with a message like this:

You have all the instructions above, and I make a list of some Latin American projects or related to Latin America (promote music, save animals from our region, share art or products made in LatAm) that you can support on Kickstarter:

‘Save Wirikuta, sacred land of the huichol indians’ A Documentary project in Mexico City by Cielo Garcia
About The Project: There is threat from a mining company to destroy sacred Huichol indigenous land. I wanna make a film to help and create. 
Goal: USD $10,000

‘Unión de…’ A Dance project in Mexico City by Noritoshi Hirakawa
ATP: World Premiere of Contemporary Dance Performance ‘Unión de…’ at World Heritage Casa Barragan, Mexico City with musician Arto 
Goal: USD $6,600

‘Claudia & Sergio paint the essence of the Mapuche’ A Painting project in Washington, DC by Claudia Olivos
ATP: Artists travel to Chile to celebrate the legends and spirituality of its Native Americans and translate it into beautiful works of art
Goal: USD $3,500

‘Project Movement Brasil’ A Documentary project in São Paulo, Brazil by Arash Baboo
ATP: Strength Project along with PowerTubeMoves are planning on going to Brasil to find, film and interview the amazing talented individuals that ‘flip and move’ to have a better opportunity in life.
Goal: USD $8,000

‘Jiva- Colombian Coffee Cubes’ A Food project in Miami, FL by Natalia & Allen @ Jiva Cubes
ATP: 100% Colombian coffee & Panela, raw, unrefined cane sugar, in a cube.
Goal: USD $15,000

‘Climbing Trees at Seventy: 1 Woman’s Quest to Save Wild Trees’ A Documentary project in Madre de Dios, Peru by Katherine Holden
ATP: Documentary of Katherine Holden, 70, climbing into tall canopies of threatened pristine forests in Madre de Dios, Peru
Goal: USD $24,400

‘Cilantro Boombox’s Fundraiser for Debut Album!’ A World Music project in Austin, TX by Felix Pacheco
ATP: Cilantro Boombox’s rock and Afro-Latin based sound organically integrates elements of hip-hop, funk, electronica Venezuelan 
Goal: USD $1,800

‘Mission: Slothville’ A Documentary project in Costa Rica by Kelly Lajter
ATP: I am heading to the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica in May to volunteer for 2 weeks and will be filming a documentary
Goal: USD $1,000

‘MALA MALA: A Transformative Puerto Rican Documentary’ A Documentary project in San Juan, Puerto Rico by Antonio Santini & Dan Sickles
ATP: Mala Mala is a feature length documentary exploring the lives of young Puerto Ricans in the trans community.
Goal: USD $30,000

On Kickstarter you can discover great projects everyday, check them out and support, maybe the next project on the site is one of yours.

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