SW Porto Alegre: Share ideas and meet entrepreneurs in Brazil

April has begun, and with the month, also the events.

On April 20th will take place in Porto Alegre a new edition of Startup Weekend. The organizers of this event are Bruno Peroni from Semente Negócios and Mariana Camardelli from Altos Eventos.

In 54 hours, more than 100 participants will create technology-based projects -mobile applications, web services,etc. – which at the end will be presented to other participants and mentors. If you have an idea, this is a great opportunity to share it, find a team or just work on it with your own team.

Three conferences are planned for this weekend, and one of the conferences, “Startup Scenario in Brazil” will be given by Diego Ramus from Startupi. Here, you can find the agenda of Startup Weekend Porto Alegre.

Tickets are available at the site, with a price of USD$ 82 for business, and USD$ 43 for developers and designers.

If you are planning to attend, the event will be held in Pontifícia Universidade do Rio Grande do Sul.


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