Brazil: Impact Accelerator, startups to improve the social situation of low-income population

Brazil is today, a leader in Latin America. Its programs of acceleration, app/software development and IT companies grow at a fast pace, just like their economy, but not everyone is part of this change… yet.

Artemisia, founding member of the online platform Next Billion Brazil and ANDE Hub Brazil, is an important organization -and social business pioneer in Brazil since 2003-, dedicated to boost the talent of entrepreneurs focused on creating startups to improve the social situation of poor people, the classes C, D and E of this country. These startups have to be related to health, education, financial solutions and access to technology. In 2011, Brazil had 16.27 million people living in extreme poverty (8.5% of its total population), according to Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

Some of the projects previously accelerated through Aceleradora de Impacto (Impact Accelerator)-one of the three initiatives created by the organization-, are Banco Pérola that offers microcredit to disadvantaged youth and Clinica SIM who gives medical and dental care to those who can not access to health insurance, to name a few.

Applications to become part of Aceleradora de Impacto are open until April 8th, is necessary to be in a team (at least 2 members to apply), the startups will be evaluated according to their high social impact, as well as their tangible and intangible dimensions.

Tangibles: Solutions that reduce barriers of low income population to access to structural areas -such as health, education, financial services and technology-, or that generate decent employment opportunities and increased income.

Intangibles: Solutions that reduce information and power asymmetries, that make it difficult for the individuals the full exercise of their rights and duties.

In a nine-month program, selected startups receive technical assistance with business model design and growth strategy as well as access to mentors, human capital and seed funding in order to prepare entrepreneurs to receive high-risk investments.