Francis Casado: “China, Latin America and Africa are the emerging powers in development and use of apps”

Within the AppCircus On Health event held in Barcelona on March 19, I had the opportunity to talk with Francis Casado, Business Developer at Dotopen, the Spanish company creator and organizer of major projects such as AppCircus, Mobile Premier Awards and Open Cities.

About the possibility of making an AppCircus On Health in Latin America, Francis replied:

AppCircus is promoting vertical events, ie, focusing on specific sectors this year, and is very interested in address issues at the forefront of technology. One of them is certainly applications for health, as it has done in the case of AppCircus on Health. The great acceptance that had the event in Barcelona enables us to anticipate a great response, both nationally and internationally. If we add the improvement of people’s quality of life, prospects of longevity and the penetration of smartphones in Latin America, which is one of the fastest growing emerging markets, we have ideal conditions for the introduction of applications focused in health.

With AppCircus events conducted worldwide, the feedback obtained by Dotopen is an important reference on which regions have fastest development and creation of mobile applications:

Certainly China, Latin America and Africa in this order will be the emerging powers in terms of growth, in both the development and consumption of applications for Smartphones. In many of these countries, the absence or weakness of the physical infrastructure offers endless possibilities that otherwise would not exist.

AppCircus 2012 clearly bets for Latin America. On April 26 we will start inVillahermosa our tour for Mexico (and LatAm), and it will go through eight cities, which include Monterrey, Guadalajara and Tijuana, said Francis.

When asked Casado if they ever have considered the possibility of, in addition to the showcase of mobile applications, do some kind of counseling, mentoring or acceleration program that allow the creation of more mobile apps, he said:

AppCircus fosters early innovation, and from that point of view, we have often thought of launching a mentoring program and advice for developers seeking to show their applications and make money with them. It is not the main focus of AppCircus, but it is something that we want to encourage at the level of our developer community.

To conclude the interview with Francis, I asked him to share an experience or advice to those who want to participate in an AppCircus event:

The best thing about AppCircus is that it is open to all. If you are a developer wanting to gain visibility and be relevant in the ecosystem of applications, certainly AppCircus is your best card. Developers have a chance to get on stage and pitcto the most influential bloggers, media partners and mobile companies. This opens a huge range of possibilities for an individual developer.

AppCircus LatAm tour will start soon, PulsoSocial -AppCircus media-partner-, will bring you the best info , stay tuned.