PulsoBase: the most complete guide of Latin American startups

At PulsoSocial, we know entrepreneurship is the leading catalyst of growth in Latin American.  Increasing government investment in accelerators like Startup Chile and growing support from corporations on initiatives like Wayra, Telefonica’s social investment accelerator are proof of the exponential growth of our entrepreneurial ecosystem.  The growing number of events that take place both regionally and internationally have given a boost to technological innovation. Appcircus, Startup Weekend, Super Happy Dev House, Telmex Hub, Campus Party, are a few of many successful initiatives that speak to this growth.

It is at these events where networking and community flourish that groundbreaking startups emerge.  For all these entrepreneurs and their projects, PulsoSocial is launching PulsoBase.

What is PulsoBase?

PulsoBase is the site where you will find Latin American startups: web services, software, mobile applications and more.   PulsoBase will make it easy to discover other entrepreneurs in the ecosystem.

You can search for information or add new startups through our form.  We know that every day entrepreneurs emerge in various parts of the region.  We want to discover their startups and get to know them. We want PulsoBase be a useful tool for entrepreneurs, investors, journalists or users who wish to keep abreast of entrepreneurship in Latin America.

If you want to add a startup in PulsoBase, these are the simple steps:

Go to our site: PulsoBase

Click on: Add/Subir Startup

Click on Agregar/Create Startup and the form will appear on your screen

In the form, include as much information as possible (your phone number will not be published on the site).   Upload an image or logo of your startup, preferably 296 x 174.

Once completed, click on Upload your startup. Your startup will be uploaded to our database.  Once reviewed, it will be  published and can be viewed by anyone visiting PulsoBase.

To discover other Latin American startups that already are in PulsoBase, go to the Directory tab or to the home page. There are already over 100 startups from different countries.

We hope this guide of Latin American startups created by PulsoSocial helps you connect with other Latin American entrepreneurs.

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  • Esta fallando PulsoBase cuando quieres ir a la segunda pagina te muestra un error 404, gracias y felicidades por la iniciativa.

    • Gracias por el aviso y por tu comentario. Lo que queremos es que los emprendedores se sientan identificados entre si en la misma región, es un esfuerzo de todo el equipo de PulsoSocial. Saludos!