Latin American Startup Fursos looks to connect reporters with expert sources

Any reporter or public relations (PR) professional in Latin America understand the value that his or her network of contacts has to their being able to get things done.  The cumbersomeness of this process struck Carlos Solorio, an investment banker volunteering for Endeavor, as unnecessary.  In the states, sites such as Vocus offer PR executives more automation, so he decided to quit his lucrative investment banking position and found a new startup called Fursos to automate the PR process in Latin America starting with Spanish-speaking countries.

The site functions similarly to other sites such as whereby, a reporter inserts a query into the system.  That query in turn generates a personal web page with information about the query.  Members can subscribe by RSS as well as by email.

For instance, a subject matter expert could respond to the aforementioned reporter query and provide his or her response and/or quote.  The reporter is then free to choose those responses that meet his criteria.

Estimating the market size for such a service in Latin America is difficult, but Carlos says that in a region with 200 million Internet users, this is the right time to start offering  services such as Fursos.  According to Carlos, the site has already gotten initial traction from firms such as Univision and AOL.

Carlos has worked at a number of investment banks including Barclay’s and is truly a citizen of the world.  He grew up in Arizona and his parents are Mexican. He has lived in a number countries such as China, Thailand, Colombia and Chile.  He currently resides in Medellin, Colombia, but has plans to move to Santiago, Chile next.

The site only just recently launched, but the roadmap includes additional services.  Scheduled features include enhanced member profiles and other premium services.  For now, Carlos is focused on growing the subscriber base and showing reporters and PR people that there is a better way.


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