Callpicker: Never lose a call, increase your sales opportunities

Calling a company for customer service can be complicated many times. Why? because if it’s a small business probably they just have one line to attend all the incoming calls, or if t’s a big one, maybe they have so many calls on hold that you’ll have to wait for a long time.  This is not good either for the customer or the company.

Answering all the incoming calls to your business, 100% of it, your clients will be very happy about that and you can monitor your customer service performance. Callpicker offers this solution.

As described in their website, Callpicker is a service developed by tech entrepreneurs that were constantly asked about solutions that allowed companies to have information about incoming calls, improve customer support and to be available even outside the office without heavy investments on hardware.

Callpicker started working on generating analytics around phone calls. In the process they learned that this metrics show clients different ways to improve their marketing messages, their conversation rates and their phone sales/support process. So, besides have zero missing calls, you will have the opportunity to know the insights and analytics in every call you get. The service allows you to have simultaneous calls (as many as your business need it), besides every call is recorded and tracked, if you use the real-time call tools, you can see incoming calls just like the email inbox.

At the moment they are focusing in 3 different potential clients: big directories, marketing agencies and final customers. They help their customers generate more calls, measure those interactions and finally help them solve any kind of problems in the processes, like missing calls or not having the right person receive the call.

The team behind Callpicker are Joaquín Martínez,  Toño del Río, Daniel Martínez and Ricardo Cacique, and they are one of the companies being supported by Mexican VC.