Colombian startup seeks to make talented developers more visible

Colombian startup is looking to solve a problem that they’ve personally encountered a number of times: finding talented programmers. Their idea to record important developer milestones and apply gamification concepts to build digital reputations won over the judges at the recent Startup Weekend competition in Bogota, Colombia who named them the winner.

Most talented programmers are connected to services such as Github, StackOverflow and Topcoder among others. will connect to these and other services in order to extract data relevant to evaluating programmers and plug these into the game mechanics that the company is developing.

One of the founders, Giovanny Beltran, is a recent Founder Institute Colombia graduate.  He saw first hand how other graduates had such a problem trying to find either a technical co-founder or just a developer who could help them build their specific products.  After experiencing this first hand, he decided to do something about it and, with the help of his co-founders, was born.

Though companies such as Masterbranch, Coderwall and Githire perform similar functions, but is looking to add qualitative data such as participation at important events and other activities that also speak to other aspects of what a developer has to offer.  Before launching their first production version, the company is currently completing integration with Github and developing the game mechanics that will determine the rewards for each activity.


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