React, la app de mensajería con inversión de Foundry Group Angels busca crecer su equipo de ingeniería en Medellín

La startup que está revolucionando la mensajería instantánea ofreciendo una experiencia más personal entre usuarios, está buscando crecer su equipo de ingeniería en la ciudad de la eterna primavera.

La startup React liderada por los emprendedores guatemaltecos Alejandro Wunderlich y Andrés Canella busca revolucionar la mensajería instantánea ofreciendo experiencias más personales al momento de comunicarte con tus amigos.

El equipo emprendedor lleva más de ocho años trabajando y ha desarrollado apps para resolver problemas personales como Wake n’ Shake que alcanzó más de 1 millón de descargas. Por su lado, Pedro lanzó su primera startup con tan solo 15 años con la ambición de construir el Amazon de América Latina. Mientras que Andrés aprendió a programar a los 13 y gracias a sus habilidades participó en el equipo de CGI que trabajó en la película de Walt Disney: Crónicas de Narnia.

Luego de un viaje de inversión a la ciudad de Medellín, decidieron que este es el lugar idóneo para hacer crecer su startup, es por esto que iniciarán por su equipo de ingeniería, aquí te dejamos más información.

React Messenger is hiring a VP of Engineering in Medellin


Location: Medellín/Boulder, Colorado


React makes instant messaging more personal.

React is the evolution of instant messaging towards a more human chat experience. Each time you send a message, at the moment you press send, it takes a picture of you for the person you are messaging to see your emotions and reactions.

In less than a year they reached 300,000+ downloads on it’s iOS platform, the app’s enthusiasm is growing exponentially. The two co-founders are serial entrepreneurs, passionate about making the world a better place. Their last app Wake n Shake was a major success receiveing over one million downloads with almost zero marketing because the product was that good. This time they strongly believe in their vision of improving the chatting experience all around the world through React Messenger.

The Founders

Pedro Alejandro Wunderlich Co-Founder

Pedro created his first startup at the age of 15 with his two brothers. He managed to raise $9,000FullSizeRender (3) to create the Latin American version of Amazon. He studied design in the USA and created the first satirical newspaper for Texas Christian University. He has never been afraid of doing things differently in his 6 year career as a designer. It is this type of innitiative and social understanding that has led Pedro to such impressive levels of success.

Andrés Canella Co-Founder

FullSizeRender (2)Andres started programming and creating 3D animation at the age of 13. He was involved in making animations for the blockbuster movie ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ in 2005. He holds a degree in 3D animation and has 6 years of experience in the field. Andres has lived his life working to improve everything around him and is an extremely perseverant entrepreneur.


About the position:

All that is missing from this outstanding team is an experienced Android developer to take their project to the next level. So, what is needed to fill this position is simply to do what you do best: mobile development.

The co-founders are highly experienced in this business and know what it takes to succeed. This  beta version of React is still just the first step to improving instant messaging but their ambition will revolutionize the industry. Your work will have a great impact on the future of this application if you believe instant messaging needs to evolve towards a more personal experience. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work within a very creative team aiming for a major social impact on the global scale.


Responsibilities of the position include:

– You are excited about helping small businesses succeed

– 5+ years experience as a Software Engineer

– You know how to use different programming languages and knowledge as to which one to use according to the problem to solve

– You enjoy solving complex problems and working on both front-end and back-end development



– Competitive compensation

– Equity in the company


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