Intel Capital Invests in Brazilian Geomarketing Leader Geofusion

March has proven a particularly active month for Intel Capital. Having announced its investment in WebRadar just days ago, the fund has now pegged another Brazilian company to join its portfolio: Geofusion.

Geofusion is Brazil’s leader in geomarketing, providing a wide range of market intelligence and advertising solutions based on geography. It combines maps of over 5,000 Brazilian cities and 250 external sources of information to serve more than 200 clients in Brazil, including top brands like Coca Cola and Carrefour.

One of Geofusion’s main products is OnMaps, an online geomarketing platform that provides key insights on market and demographics, enabling the creation of analyses, cross-tabulation, public mapping and other marketing-related functions. Geofusion also provides consulting services, smart data and training opportunities.

The amount of the Intel Capital investment has not been revealed; however, Geofusion indicated that the funds will be used for the consolidation of its market presence and the expansion of its marketing and sales teams.

“The experiences and resources of Intel Capital will help Geofusion to take advantage of this excellent moment in the Brazilian market,” said Pedro Figoli, CEO of Geofusion. Companies are seeking to monetize their investments more and more, expand sales, capitalize on market potential and maximize their geographic operations. The use of geomarketing tools, like OnMaps, is essential for achieving these goals.”

Intel Capital’s David Thomas elaborated, We see big opportunities in the business analytics market in Brazil, where companies are becoming increasingly attentive to the different ways technology can help their businesses. Geofusion’s solutions meet a multi-sector demand, and as its business model is a cloud-based SaaS, those solutions can be offered to clients of all sizes, not just big corporations.”

Geofusion boasts a trajectory of over 15 years in the Brazilian market and has previously received an investment from Criatec – not a small detail. Back in December, the New York Times pointed to buzz about foreign investors looking at the Criatic portfolio and specifically mentioned the Geofusion deal, which was apparently already in the works.