Vitrinepix Receives Investment from Astor Capital, e.Bricks Digital

Vitrinepix has closed a new investment. The Brazil-based company has raised capital from Astor Capital and e.Bricks Digital.

Founded in 2010, Vitrinepix is an on-demand e-commerce platform for customized products. It allows users create, build and market unique products and set up online stores to turn their ideas into tangible items and, in turn, profits. While sellers focus on creativity, Vitrinepix takes care of logistics. It ensures high quality products, efficient manufacture and delivery, and responsive customer service.

Much of the company’s business is based on strategic partnerships with large brands, such as SporTV and the Twilight Saga. It is considered a leader in it the Latin American on-demand e-commerce space.

The investment received from Astor and e.Bricks will fuel Vitrinepix’s growth. The funds will be used to introduce more on-demand customizable products at an aggressive rate and enter new markets. Vitrinepix will also expand its production facility and continue to invest in innovation and technology.

The decision to work with Astor and e.Bricks as investors has been one of strategy for Vitrinepix. Astor Capital is an international venture capital firm with offices in both New York and Rio de Janeiro, and e.Bricks Digital is the business development arm of Brazilian media leader Grupo RBS.

“Having grown to know Astor Capital and e.Bricks Digital, we are elated to have them support our mission of building the leading on demand platform for custom products in Latin America. We were careful to identify partners that could not only help us satisfy our current demand but that had the ability to support and challenge us to capitalize on the many opportunities we will reach over the coming years,” said Viviane Mendes, Vitrinepix CEO.

Astor Capital Managing Partner Seth Zalkin, who made mention of Vitrinepix when we spoke with him last year, expressed similar optimism about the company’s prospects, “Since first meeting Vitrinepix, we have been inspired by its management and its commitment to providing the best products and user experience available.  Vitrinepix’s on demand platform is unlike any other in Latin America, and we believe there is a big opportunity to further penetrate existing channels while expanding into new markets.”