Which Latin American Telecom Brands Dominate Facebook?

Latin America loves social media – especially Facebook. You know it, we know it, and brands know it, too – including, and perhaps especially, those in telecommunications.

A new report released by Socialbakers reveals how telecom brands are doing when it comes to Facebook. It takes a look at how top brands performed during December 2012.

Here’s what was found:

Movistar and Claro are growing fast, but not necessarily the most engaging. In December 2012, Movistar Peru was the fastest-growing Facebook brand, followed by Claro Argentina, Claro Ecuador and Movistar Argentina. In fact, Claro and Movistar swept the top five spots in terms of growth rate.

Nevertheless, growth does not always mean engagement. Virgin Mobile Chile and kölbi Costa Rica proved the most engaging brands.

When it comes to social devotion, Personal wins out. Personal Argentina was the most socially devoted telecommunications brand in Latin America during December 2012. Claro did well in various regional locales as well, including Honduras, Costa Rica, Argentina and Peru.

Interaction peaks in first weeks. Across all brands and countries, fan interaction was highest in the first two weeks of December, peaking during week two. Fan growth, however, remained quite stagnate.

Movistar and Claro battle it out. Overall, Movistar had more fans than Claro (10.1 million vs. 7.5 million) in Latin America, but Claro’s engagement rate was higher (0.197% vs. 0.149%). However, engagement varied country to country, and while Claro came out ahead in Peru, Argentina and Costa Rica, Movistar won in Nicaragua, Colombia and Ecuador.

Claro was also responsible for two of the three most engaging telecom brand posts of December 2012 – first place going to Claro Argentina, and second place, notably, to Claro Cuba.

See the full findings of the Socialbakers study in the infographic below: