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SyncPad Launches Version 2, Now Available for iOS, Android and Web

SyncPad, one of the world’s first collaborative whiteboard applications, launched its new and improved second version last week.

Designed especially for the mobile realm, SyncPad is a cloud-based whiteboard that allows users to collaborate on sketches, drawings, images and PDFs in real-time. It allows individuals to share their work quickly on the web or via mobile devices, regardless of where their collaborators are based.

SyncPad initially launched in January 2011 as the first collaborative whiteboard app available for iOS. This recently-released second version of the application includes numerous updates, such as enhanced text editing, advanced user moderation, authentication and password protection, and 128-bit SSL security encryption. What’s more, SyncPad has breached the iOS borders and is now available as a fully-featured web browser interface and as an Android application as well.

Educational institutions and corporate entities from around the world utilize SyncPad, including Rutgers University, Riverbed and DBS Bank. To date, SyncPad has received more than 30,000 downloads.

“In an age where modern mobile devices are becoming a predominant tool for business, educational institutions and personal lives, we wanted to simplify the whiteboard application at an affordable price giving everyone access to teach a class, more efficiently conduct business or simply help a child with their homework remotely,” remarked Davide Di Cillo, CEO of SyncPad.

He continued, “Think of this app as the iOS equivalent of synchronized swimming. Every gesture and action on a host iPad shows up on the other iPads immediately. Action on the SyncPad whiteboard is completely fluid eliminating lag on any of the devices, whether they are all using the same or different Wi-Fi networks.”

Latin American Roots

Though SyncPad is based in San Francisco, it boasts a Latin American flare as well.

SyncPad’s co-founder, Iván Herrera, is based in Buenos Aires, and a few members of its development team – Alejandro Cadavid (Lead Web Developer), Alejandro Peláez (Web Developer) and Ana Patiño (Front-End Developer) – are located in Medellín.

Download the App

SyncPad is currently available for free download for the creation of whiteboards that can host up to three people connected simultaneously. With a monthly subscription of US$5.00, up to 30 devices can be hosted.

Find out more about SyncPad and download the app here.