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Carnival Brazil 2013: Three Android Apps to Revel In

Brazil’s Carnival (better known as Carnaval in Portuguese) is in full swing, with celebrations underway throughout the country. Marked by parades, music, dance and joy, Carnival has captivated Brazilians as well as thousands of visitors from Latin America and abroad.

With activities set to wind down after tomorrow, spectators have just over 24 hours left to enjoy Carnival 2013. And though deciding where to go and what to do in that little time may seem daunting, with the right tools, it’s not so hard.

Here are a few Android applications to help revelers take full advantage of Brazil’s Carnival festivities:

Rio de Janeiro Carnival Guide

Not only will this app be useful for getting around Rio during Carnival, but it’s also great year-round for taking full advantage of all the city has to offer. The application helps users find nearby attractions and activities and also points them in the direction of hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, ATMs and more. Its Carnival edition provides locals and tourists alike with lists of events, performances and other activities.

Carnival Recife 2013

With the Carnival Recife 2013 app, those in Pernambuco’s capital city can get the inside scoop on all the goings-on of the celebration. Users can find a full schedule of events on the application and also get tips for places to stay and eat. What’s more, the app’s social features invite revelers to post their Carnival Recife photos and share them with friends.

Carnaval SP & RJ

For Portuguese-speakers, this app is a must-have to fully enjoy Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Not only does the app provide information regarding parades and other events, but it also helps users delve into the Carnival culture by listing schools where they can learn to dance the infamous Samba. Its other features include a car finder, a photo gallery and a section for Carnival-related news.

What are you waiting for, revelers? Download these apps now and start celebrating. You’ve only got one day left.