Innovate MIA: A 10-Day Celebration of Miami Tech

From today through December 15th, the best of the best in Miami’s tech scene will come together for Innovate MIA. The 10-day celebration will include a host of events, meetings and festivities throughout the city for entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, journalists and all involved to enjoy.

The Innovate MIA agenda is a full one, to say the least. Take a look at a few highlights:

Thursday, December 6: Incubate Miami Demo Day 2012

The latest class of startups accelerated by Incubate Miami will present and launch their projects into the world.

Friday, December 7: TekFight

A conference for coders, developers and entrepreneurs focused on the Dojo philosophy. The main event: A tournament for TekFighters to show their stuff.

Saturday, December 8 – Sunday, December 9: HackDay

Hackers will have 24 hours to build products and compete for a prize of up to US$50,000.

Monday, December 10 – Tuesday, December 11: 46th Endeavor ISP

Endeavor will host its 46th International Selection Panel in Miami to select its next generation of Endeavor entrepreneurs, who will be announced on the 12th.

Wednesday, December 12th: Wayra Global demoDay 2012

Seventeen Wayra startups from around the world will make their cases to a group of international investors, VCs and executives.

Thursday, December 13th – Friday, December 14th: AVCC

The Americas Venture Capital Conference is a summit for innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. The two-day event will gather professionals from throughout the Americas.

Saturday, December 15th: AT&T Mobile App Hackathon

The Miami edition of this event, which takes place in various cities throughout the U.S., will bring together Miami’s top tech talent to build new and innovative mobile application.