OvermediaCast to Partner with Brazilian Video Platform Videolog

In July, we met OvermediaCast, a Brazil-based startup that provides analytics and feedback for video promotions through both viral and targeted actions. The tool tags videos to gather audience information, thus allowing users to get a panoramic view of the reach of their audiovisual efforts and make adjustments accordingly.

When we were last in touch with OvermediaCast Co-founder and CEO Daniel Uchôa, he told us that the company had a few partnerships in the works. And now, it looks like one of those deals has panned out.

OvermediaCast has closed a partnership with Brazilian video platform Videolog. Founded in 2004, the company actually predates YouTube. Today, it boasts a community of over 800,000 video producers throughout Brazil.

Through the deal, OvermediaCast’s analytical tools will be directly integrated with the Videolog platform. OvermediaCast and Videolog will work together to provide publishers with highly-specific insights and profit through shared revenues from premium users of the tool. We caught up with Uchôa to find out more about the agreement.

Emily Stewart: What benefits will each side – Overmedia Cast and Videolog – reap from this deal?

Daniel Uchôa: Videolog has an enviable base of free users. With OvermediaCast, it is possible to understand the profile and behavior of this audience and create tailored products, thus generating a monetizing channel and converting free users into premium users. Videolog acts as a highly segmented distribution channel, leading our product to the targeted audience.  We have now earned the opportunity to monitor the entire Videolog base, viewer by viewer.

ES: What has this partnership entailed in terms of technology? What adjustments have you had to make?

DU: We were gaining traction quickly, and we had monitored YouTube embeds with a campaign that exceeded one million views. In order to handle the nearly six million monthly visits Videolog receives, we opted for new big data architecture. Each view generates dozens of logs about access quality, engagement level, behavior, profile, location, interests, etc. It’s an amazing amount of data, and this is our technological differential. Our co-founder and CTO, Rafael Uchôa, has designed and deployed the actual architecture to track 100 million video visits per month if necessary, so we can evolve without problems.

ES: What specific advantages will Videolog users have access to thanks to this partnership?

DU: Two direct benefits will be delivered to the 800,000 users who post videos on Videolog. First, it will help them to increase their audiences and engagement levels. With one click, users can adequately promote their videos through multiple marketing channels (such as blogs and websites, social networks, e-mails, etc.). Second, users will now be able to measure the effectiveness of their vide-related marketing actions. Each promoted video is automatically tagged, allowing users to discover which actions and media have the best results. Overall, this partnership will allow users to monitor both behavior and the audience profile. By better knowing their audience, Videolog publishers can target and refine their businesses, qualify prospects and identify leads, increase sale, and demonstrate their reach and engagement in a segmented audience to attract sponsors or sell advertising.

ES: With respect to the Brazilian market, how will you help Videolog to compete with similar platforms, such as YouTube?

DU: Although we also monitor YouTube embeds (we are integrated via API), I believe Videolog took a step ahead in integrating OvermediaCast within its own portal and achieving the most advanced level of integration possible. Now, Videolog users can automatically monitor each video or obtain consolidated data from their own channels without any configuration and without leaving the natural environment in Videolog. Different from YouTube Analytics, which only offers consolidated data on the audience, with OvermediaCast, Videolog users know the profile and behavior of each visitor. While YouTube uses audience information to sell advertising, with OvermediaCast, audience information is completely delivered to its owner – the publisher. That individual or entity has full control over the process and can define how to monetize content accordingly. It is independent producers’ independence, and that’s why publishers seek Videolog, which is already the largest independent video community in Brazil.

Moving forward, OvermediaCast will continue to work to add value for publishers on Videolog and other video sharing platforms. The OvermediaCast team is now in the process of integrating its technology to monitor embeds from Dailymotion, Metacafe and Vimeo. The company is also setting up an operations base in London in order to close deals with platforms in Europe.