Logovia: A Crowdsourcing Solution for Graphic Design

For Tree Labs’ first batch of startups, not one, but two, crowdsourcing platforms were chosen. The first, ClickARQ, put the concept to the test in architecture and design. And the second, Logovia, has set its sights on the online market for graphic design.

Launched in August 2011, Logovia was founded by Carmelo Queiroz (CEO), Pedro Renan (CFO) and Davi Rocha (CFO). The team identified a space in the design market for high-quality, well-priced solutions in the creation of visual corporate identities, and thus, the idea for Logovia was born.

Logovia connects companies with designers to meet their graphic design needs, including logos, banners, flyers and more. Its platform provides supports for each and every step of the design process, from proposals to negotiations, project management and even payment. Clients are able to create products quickly, easily and interactively from anywhere around the world.

After just over a year in business, Logovia has already completed a project volume of more than US$175,000 – a significant feat considering its low initial investment and headquarters outside of Brazil’s major commercial centers. Currently, the company has over 5,500 registered designers and works with more than 2,000 companies 

We reached out to Logovia CEO Carmelo Queiroz to find out more about what makes Logovia tick.