Brazilian Tech Startup Predicta Launches SiteApps in the United States

Leading Brazilian technology startup Predicta has made the jump and taken it to the streets in north of the equator, officially launching its latest product, SiteApps, in the United States last week.

SiteApps is a tool to aid small and medium sized enterprises to capitalize on their presence online. Using Google Analytics, it provides users with in-depth diagnostic reports that address the most relevant issues affecting their websites. It then creates a list of recommended apps to remedy the problems identified. With the help of SiteApps, businesses can identify and implement new features, personalize content, and even create mobile versions of their sites in a matter of minutes.

The launch of SiteApps in the United States is a landmark effort for Predicta, which boasts a decade-long trajectory in Brazil. Created in 1999 as an ad network, the company has risen to the top in the digital marketing sector and is backed by Grupo RBS. In 2011, Fast Company named Predicta one of “Brazil’s 10 Most Innovative Companies.”

Predicta’s landing in the United States with SiteApps will mark a new era for the company. Phillip Klien, Chief Innovation Officer at Predicta who will now head its U.S. operations, elaborated:

While growing from a startup to Internet leader over the last 10 years, we’ve helped launch Brazilian companies into the 21st century in one of the world’s fastest growing economies, which led us to the vision that spawned SiteApps. Now we are moving into the U.S. to be closer to the innovation, passion and energy rooted in Silicon Valley culture to aggressively grow SiteApps.

In the context of an ongoing debate surrounding whether prioritizing local or global markets is best, Predicta has done a bit of both. After testing and proving the value of its SiteApps product locally, it will now test the waters abroad.


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