Foome a New Online Player in Brazil’s US$40 Billion Delivery Industry

Online delivery platforms have been popping up left and right as of late, competing among one another to win over hungry consumers. In Brazil, Foome is one of the latest players to get in the game.

Foome is an online delivery portal that allows users to order what they want, went they want, where they want. It is currently available as a web platform, and apps for Android and iOS are in development. Roll out into various Brazilian cities is under way.

Founded by Daniel Driessen Jr., André Krüger and Fellipe Brito, the idea behind Foome was sparked by Krüger, who struggled to find a solution for ordering food delivery online. Driessen joined the project shortly after. Together, the two sought out partners to develop the system, and after a few failed attempts came to Brito, an expert developer, to help build their product.


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