ESPACIO: Conrad Egusa bets Medellin as Latin America’s Next Big Tech Hub

Entrepreneur. Journalist. Marketer. Mentor. In the tech ecosystem, Conrad Egusa has worn just about every hat there is. And now, he’s launching his latest endeavor: ESPACIO, a coworking space and entrepreneurial center in Medellin, Colombia.

Egusa founded ESPACIO alongside Edinson Alberto Arrieta Aguas. With the backing of.CO, The Founder Institute and Ruta N, the two aim to promote entrepreneurship in Medellin by fostering a community of encouragement, education and support. ESPACIO will assist entrepreneurs in marketing, technology and PR and has hired a part-time in-house designer that companies can access for free. Later down the line, Egusa and Arrieta Aguas plan to include an early-stage seed fund in ESPACIO as well.


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