Harrison Shoff @PulsoConf: «Great design no longer sets you apart from everyone else»

PulsoConf is just a few short days away, as is BogotaConf, a parallel event organized by and for developers. During the three-day gathering, we’ll hear from numerous leaders within the programming community, including Harrison Shoff.

Shoff is a Design Engineer at Airbnb, one of the fastest-growing startups to emerge over the last few years. Out of the U.S., the company has made big strides in the international market, including Latin America, and is a prime representation of the potential facilitated by a strong idea, solid business savvy and excellent design.

An expert in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Ruby on Rails, Shoff performed research at the Sensors, Energy and Automation Laboratory (SEAL) prior to working with Airbnb. At PulsoConf, which will be Shoff’s first experience in Latin America, he will discuss the evolution of Airbnb’s frontend architecture. He will also touch on lessons learned, methodologies and where the company is headed.


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