Movere’s Vanessa Oliveira on Acquisition, Competitors and Crowdfunding in Latin America

Late last month, Argentine crowdfunding platform revealed its acquisition of Movere, the second strongest crowdfunding enterprise in Brazil to date. The announcement marks a growing trend of inter-Latin American mergers as of late, such as Elo7’s acquisition of Bixti in July.

In this latest case, has chosen a strong Brazilian startup to take under its wing and commence local operations.

Movere was one of the first crowdfunding platforms to launch in Latin America. Company founders Vanessa Oliveira, Bruno Pereira and Enzo Motta studied the business model during 2010 and launched operations in 2011. Based in Rio de Janeiro, the Movere team has received significant support from Rio Criativo, a creative economy incubator that was the first of its kind in Latin America.


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