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Tree Labs: A Gen Y Acceleration Experience

Most entrepreneurs looking to break into the technology community choose to start their own companies. A select few, however, accelerate. This is what Anthony Eigier and Cesar Mufarej, the team behind Tree Labs, have set out to do.

Tree Labs is a new accelerator based in São Paulo, Brazil. The organization’s first six-month acceleration round is currently in progress, with a class of five startups: AgendorAssinameClickArqLogovia and Recruto.

Throughout the process, entrepreneurial teams will receive support, training and mentoring from Tree Labs and other figures from the local startup ecosystem. Each startup will receive a Microsoft BizSpark package and space in servers in the cloud. They will be trained on communications, design and capturing clients through social media and other means.

Each startup has received an investment of just under US$5,500 (R$11,000) to initiate activities. Tree Labs’ first Demo Day will be held this December.


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