Reforest Patagonia: A Crowdfunding Initiative on a Million-Tree Mission

The crowdfunding concept has an enormous potential for social impact, possessing an innate character of community that can drive forward initiatives for change. In Chile, Reforest Patagonia is seeking to leverage just that.

Reforest Patagonia is a reforestation campaign aimed at restoring and reviving the Torres del Paine National Park, which was devastated by severe man-made fires that burned up 43,000 acres last December. The initiative launched in May of this year and is the largest and most ambitious reforestation project in Chile’s history.

Patagonia Sur, the Chile Image Foundation, the Under Secretary of Tourism, CONAF and ClanEco launched Reforest Patagonia as a public-private initiative. Through its online platform, individuals are asked to donate just US$4 to plant a native-species tree (lenga, ñirre or coigüe). Donors receive an official certificate of authenticity for their contributions as well as the GPS coordinates of their trees. Reforest Patagonia has also tapped into the power of gaming with Create Your Own Forest, which allows users and organizations to compete against one another to donate the most trees.


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