Edmardo Galli on IgnitionOne, the Brazilian Market and the Fragmentation of Digital Marketing

Last week, international digital marketing firm IgnitionOne announced the opening of its operations in Brazil. The company has set up local offices in São Paulo, which will be headed by Brazilian digital marketing veteran Edmardo Galli.

IgnitionOne already has operations in numerous locales around the world, including several U.S. cities as well as London, Munich and Singapore. The firm has organized campaigns for General Motors, Fiat and Ann Taylor and, according to its website, is behind over US$30 billion in revenues each year.

In selecting Galli to head its Brazilian offices, IgnitionOne has placed its operations in experienced and knowledgeable hands. Galli is a central figure within the Brazilian digital community, having headed Grupo Galli Participações, an investment firm and incubator for media-focused startups, for over 10 years. His most notable accomplishment in the area has been his work with 10’Minutos, one of Brazil’s first digital agencies. The company was acquired by Ogilvy & Mather and has evolved into Ogilvy Interactive in Brazil. Now at IgnitionOne, Galli will manage over US$1 billion in digital advertising annually.


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