Bloompa Puts a Social Twist on Brazil’s Booming E-Commerce Market

We talk a lot about e-commerce in Brazil, but when it comes to social commerce, it’s a rare conversation. Bloompa is looking to change that and cultivate the social sector of the online buying world.

Bloompa was founded by Thiago Nascimento and Ricardo Dantas, who came together as part of a mutual interest in the social commerce concept. Though today the idea is quite commonplace in the digital marketing sector today, it is important to remember that it is relatively new. The two embarked on a blog about the subject, the Social Commerce Blog. Through the platform, they learned about the subject and carried out validation and other tests with their readers.

Eventually, Nascimento and Dantas set out to create a business based on social commerce. They pitched their idea to 21212 Digital Accelerator and were selected by the organization to refine their product and make it grow.


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