Alexandre Jordão: Mobile to Become a Mass Media in Brazil

Last week, HUNT Mobile Ads introduced Alexandre Jordão as the manager of its operations in Brazil. The Latin American mobile ad leader opened its Brazilian offices in São Paulo in Junehaving remained quiet as to who would take charge of its Brazilian branch until now.

An interesting figure, Jordão has a significant background in sales and advertising, having led teams in Brazil and Mexico for Microsoft Advertising. We got in touch with him to learn a bit more about his expectations for HUNT as well as the mobile market in Brazil as a whole.

Our conversation commenced with a discussion of Brazil’s mobile industry. As it stands today, penetration of smartphones in Brazil is approximately 15%. Jordão pointed out that this number is growing quickly, however, signaling that penetration was under 10% in 2011. Moreover, he noted that 55% of cell phones sold in Brazil last month were smartphones. Jordão believes that such numbers point to mobile becoming a mass media in Brazil, like television and radio, strengthened by innovation.


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