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With US$100 Million, Brazilian Realtime Launches in the United States

With an investment worth US$100 million from BRZTech Holding, Brazil-based Realtime has launched in the United States.

Realtime is a set of tools for websites and mobile apps that require constant and continuous content updates in real time. Based on a cloud-hosted messaging system, it allows for direct updates from servers to connected users. Realtime is powered by Open Real Time Connectivity (ORTC) and xRTML (extensive Realtime multiplatform language).

The company was founded in 1997 as Internet Business Technologies (IBT) and is dedicated to the transformation of the web from static to live. It has established offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, London, Madrid and London as well as, most recently, Santa Monica, California and New York.

Currently, Realtime has over 2,000 global client relationships and delivers an average of 500,000 messages per second. Its worldwide footprint surpasses 120 million user connections each day. It has already signed up 1,000 developers as part of its live web applications initiative and is also developing applications of its own, its focus there being on e-commerce and advertising.

André Parreira, founder and CEO of Realtime, commented on the company and its potential:

Many people have talked about the coming ‘real-time Web ’in very abstract terms, and Realtime is the first company building a tangible framework that will make that abstraction a reality. We did not create a product. We created an industry. We are committing the resources to make Realtime the fluid, next-generation, truly conversational standard for the Web across the world.

Moving forward, Realtime will be hosting local meetups in web development communities as well as related events throughout the United States. It is already creating buzz and was named as a 2012 Cool Vendor by Gartner Inc., thanks in large part to its disruptive potential.


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