David Rose Talks the NYC Tech Ecosystem at Latam to NYC

A number of leaders of the New York entrepreneurial community were at Latam to NYC, including David Rose, serial entrepreneur and angel investor who now serves as the Managing Director of Rose Tech Ventures. A mainstay on the New York tech circuit, he founded early-stage investment group New York Angels.

Rose spoke with us for a few minutes about his background and the Latam to NYC event.

He told us that he has invested in over 80 different companies in his time, including Por ti, Familia out of Lima, Peru. He still acts as Chairman of the Board for the company.

During his chat, Rose also highlighted New York City itself, siting the city as the fastest-growing technology hub in the world. While it remains second to California and Silicon Valley, it is growing fast, with angel groups, funds and entrepreneurs emerging at an unprecedented rate. He also mentioned the New York Technology meetup, which has over 25,000 members, rendering it the largest meetup, tech related or otherwise, in the world.

Beyond his investment endeavors, Rose is also an entrepreneur himself, having founded Gust. Gust provides infrastructure for almost all of the business angel investing groups in the world. Currently, 220,000 companies use the platform to work with investors. And, Gust boasts 6,000 startups just in New York.

Rose is one of the New York tech ecosystem’s biggest advocates, and at Latam to NYC, he looked to take advantage of the opportunity to meet with hotshot Latin American entrepreneurs and introduce them to all that New York City has to offer.

See the full interview below:


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