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Following Mobile App Success, BoaLista Hits the Web

One main purpose of technology is to lighten the load of daily tasks, many of which prove quite daunting. Take, for example, grocery shopping. While foodies are popping up left and right and cooking is an age-old hobby, it’s not likely you’ll hear someone say, “I just love hitting up Safeway after work.”

In Brazil, BoaLista is helping consumers to improve the grocery shopping experience. Along the lines of ShopSavvy and RedLaser, BoaLista allows users to compare prices, find out about deals and create shopping lists. The free app is available for mobile devices and, most recently, on the web.

BoaLista can be used at various types of establishments, including pharmacies, supermarkets, department stores and appliance retailers. It works with a wide range of products, including food, consumer goods, medicine and appliances. One main feature of BoaLista is its barcode-reading function for smartphones, which allows users to track purchases, share shopping lists and compare prices.


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