After Years of Bootstrapping, MuccaShop Receives US$5 Million Investment

Hard work pays off, most recently having done so for MuccaShop. After spending two years establishing the company through bootstrapping and lean startup tactics, the MuccaShop team has something new to celebrate – an investment. The company has received US$5 million in capital from unidentified angel investors in the United States.

MuccaShop is an e-commerce aggregator located in Brazil. Founded in 2010, the company has thrived alongside Brazil’s growing e-commerce industry.

MuccaShop has been pegged as an exemplary case of bootstrapping successwe introduced you to the company and its financially-autonomous state in June. Its founders credit the platform’s survival to SEO, paid advertising and reinvestment. Carlos Fertonani, one of the leaders of the MuccaShop team, is adamant that a great idea and solid initial product are the most essential keys to a successful startup. Elaborate plans and conjecturing forecasts, for Fertonani, are not in the mix.

Though MuccaShop has made a name for itself without outside funding, there is no doubt that this recent investment has been received with open arms. It serves not only as financial relief for the MuccaShop team but also as validation that the company is on the right track.


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