Evernote DevCup 2012 Finalists Announced

The finalists of Evernote DevCup 2012 have been announced! Following the success of last year’s contest, six new applications have been selected that improve the Evernote user experience. As a reminder, Evernote came in at the top of our list of the best startups in Latin America this year.

DevCup seeks applications that appeal to Evernote users, improving design and usability. Three weeks ago, the latest inscription round for DevCup closed, and a panel of judges evaluated the hundreds of applicants to choose five applications, plus a sixth that has been elected by the public.

And the five judges’ finalists are:

1. EV, out of Brazil, which connects users to their reminders wherever they are through their cell phones.

2. Everclip, an iPhone app out of Hong Kong that complements the Web Clips feature of Evernote.

3. KustomNote, developed in the United States to assist users with information capturing and note taking.

4. LiveMinutes, also from the United States, which is a powerful collaborative tool for the sharing of Evernote notes in online meetings.

5. PlaceMe, an iPhone app born in the U.S. that records users’ daily activities and whereabouts.

The public’s choice was Spotwish Go!, which will join the five finalists selected by the DevCup judges. Spotwish helps users to organize entertainment activities with their friends, ranging from dinners to soccer games. It’s also a great way to record events through Evernote.

The teams of all six finalist applications will be invited to participate in the Evernote Trunk Conference on August 24th in San Francisco, where they will compete. First place will be awarded US$20 thousand, while US$15 thousand and US$5 thousand will go to the teams that place second and third, respectively.

It’s important to note that just two of the applications for this Brazilian company hail from its home country – a sign that Evernote really has made important achievements on a global level.


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