Hourly Online Spanish-Language Classes at your Fingertips is an online Spanish-language school that offers subscribers the opportunity to start classes virtually round-the-clock. With a staff of certified teachers, the Argentine startup ensures personalized hourly instruction and feedback for students – the main factor that sets it apart from the competition.

The website was founded in 2011 by Alfonso Santiago. Santiago is an industrial engineer who started out on the path of entrepreneurship nine years ago as a development services exporter. Today, he focuses all of his efforts on his online school, which offers unlimited interactive language lessons taught by trained professionals.

The StartSpanish staff is currently composed of 14 professionals, including teachers, developers, designers, programmers and marketers.

Classes Continue

The idea of offering classes every hour is at the heart of the business, as it generates an additional value on top of the proposal of online education itself, which guarantees permanent and continued access. The most attractive element of StartSpanish is its scheduling flexibility that is in-tune with the rhythms of daily life. One can go to the site and start a class at virtually any time – a factor that has a lot of draw.

StartsSpanish has no direct competition in the market in terms of the service model and hourly availability of classes. That said, the online language education industry is huge, and a number of products, including software, are available on the market today. Rosetta Stone, which has turned its attention to online English-language education, brings in approximately US$250 million per year, and let’s not forget about OpenEnglish, which recently closed an investment round worth US$42.9 million.

“Hola, amigo”

StartSpanish’s short-term vision is to continue to consolidate and set foot into the United States, where six million people are currently studying Spanish. In the long term, the startup will set its sights on Brazil, where there is also a growing demand to learn the language.

Below, we’ve posted a demo of StartSpanish for you to see. What are your thoughts on the site?


This text has been adapted into English from its original Spanish publication.


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