AppCircus is Headed to São Paulo

Global traveling showcase AppCircus is on its way to São Paulo! The event, which we’ve followed in Mexico City and Miami before, will hit Brazil next month.

On Thursday, August 23rd, AppCircus São Paulo will close Innovation Qualcomm São Paulo 2012 (a mobile development conference). AppCircus is currently being organized by Innoveur and will put the most creative and innovative apps in the country on display. It will take place at Casa Petra Unidade Ibirapuera, Avenida Aratãs 1010, starting at 6:30 in the evening.

Inscriptions are open for those looking to compete – applications for any platform are invited to apply, given the app has a functioning prototype. Ten applications will be selected by an international panel to present at AppCircus in August, and the winner will be automatically qualified to compete in the Mobile Premier Awards at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next year.

Inscriptions for AppCircus São Paulo are open until August 8th, so if you’re interested in applying, you still have time. Visit the AppCircus website to find out how.


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