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Focus on what matters Diego Prats

Spire.io builds serverless applications with secure and scalable web APIs for web and mobile development. Spire.io simplifies the task of building an app and making it grow by allowing one to forego hiring an engineer, which often proves a complex and time-consuming feat.

Applications are composed of three parts: infrastructure (physical racks like that of Amazon), back end code (web services, real-time messages and security, the part that Spire.io takes care of) and front end code (consumer experience). If you were to hire an engineer, you would have to pay him or her at least US$6 –  25 per hour for aproximately six weeks, meaning US$3,000 or much much more to build your app. With Spire.io, there is no need to pay more for servers, because its service is based on serverless apps. If the client’s database grows, it may be scaled.

Spire.io comes in at the back end code part of the app, which requires no attention from the client. The competitors of Spire.io are the actual engineers that are hired to perform these tasks for apps. Spire.io shares its market with a few companies that are all young and fresh.

Spire.io was founded in January 2012. Initially, there were several founders of Spire.io, but a few associates have stepped aside due to budget constraints. The only founder left is Diego Prats, along with four more collaborators: a CTO, back end engineer, front end engineer, and business developer. Spire.io has a lean team that gives it a greater runway.

Diego Prats studied economy and applied mathematics at Harvard University, and he is currently studying finance in the University of California. Diego was born in Chiapas, Mexico.

Spire.io’s mentality is “if you have to call us, we did something wrong,” meaning that design-wise, Spire.io is intended to let the clients do everything by themselves. Spire.io has online assessment, meaning that the client will be instructed on what to do and where in order to get their back end code set. The service is fast, in real time and free. The clients can get their back end from Spire.io and make their front end however they want.

Back end engineering is a new and emerging market. Diego Prats recognized that most back ends are very similar and valued the necessity of generating back ends in a cheaper and faster way.

In the six months that Spire.io has been in existence, it has made huge technical and marketing innovations. The team’s goal is to grow by word-of-mouth and hackathons. Currently, they are hosting a casino tournament where robots play poker. All of the activities that Spire.io organizes are set up in hopes of spreading the word about the concept of the startup. The free plan allows up to 30 million messages per month. The paid plans depend on GB needed by the client.

Spire.io started off with US$800, 000 from investors.  The company has minimal costs; they do not pay for what they don’t have to, and they have only five members in their team. They have hundreds of clients registered on the site, and 100 apps are using their back-ends. Income is yet to come.

Diego Prats believes that it is a myth that startups can be created by only one person – it is all about teamwork. By his experience, Diego insists that one must choose one thing and accomplish it and not attempt 50 different tasks at one time. Diego is also against signing NDAs and other privacy agreements for ideas – he believes that no one is going to steal a concept just by seeing a PowerPoint presentation.

A startup must always show value.

Check out our conversation on this (in a bit of Spanglish, sorry). And follow this guy, it’s really worth it!


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