Anjos do Brasil to Host Investment Workshop for Entrepreneurs Tomorrow

Procuring investments is one of the greatest challenges entrepreneurs face. Vital to the survival of most startups and technology enterprises, funding from venture capitalists and angel investors can prove quite elusive if the business savvy necessary for procuring it is lacking.

Tomorrow, Anjos do Brasil will host a workshop to help solve that problem and give 30 budding entrepreneurs a few basic tips on the skills necessary for obtaining investments.

The event will take place Saturday, July 7th at MyJobSpace Coworking e Eventos in São Paolo. The eight-hour session will commence at 9:00 a.m. sharp and cover a number of topics related to Brazil’s angel investment market. Organizers will work alongside attendees in deciphering whether the angel investment alternative is the best avenue for their businesses and projects.

A number of issues will be discussed, including career entrepreneurship, sources of financing, business models and expectations. Case studies of both successes and failures will also be featured, as well as a running theme of the dynamics between time and money.

Attendees will be faced with tougher questions as well – for example, evaluating the percentages of their businesses that investors will be entitled to after they’ve decided to fund. While angel investors in Brazil generally expect 15-30% shares, investment funds normally receive around 10-25%. And when numerous investors are involved, this could end up leaving 40-70% of a business in the hands of others.

Marcelo Nakagawa, Entrepreneurship Center Coordinator at Insper Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa and Avisory Board Member of Anjos do Brasil, will be the workshop’s featured speaker. Nakagawa has over 20 years of experience as an executive in banking, strategy consulting, venture capital, innovation and private equity, and he has extensive experience in teaching entrepreneurship and innovation at various major business schools in Brazil.

Interested parties should visit the workshop website to find out more.


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