TR35 Names10 High-Impact Young Technology Innovators in Colombia

This year, the first Colombian edition of MIT’s TR35 initiative took place. TR35 is a 10-year tradition in the United States, with past winners including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Tumblr founder David Karp.

From February 13th to April 16th, creative Colombians under the age of 35 were given the opportunity to apply to TR35 with projects in any area of technology or business development. TR35 is a contest held by the MIT Technology Review and is open to Latin American and Spanish entrepreneurs under the age of 35 (as of July 2012).

In 2011, selected projects (from other countries) included innovations such as robots with the ability to learn, a transistor that places silicon with graphene, and improved connectivity for underdeveloped nations. The initiative’s objective is to identify and support talent among Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs who have high-impact products in the areas of technology and business development in their home countries. TR35 also values individuals who make significant contributions to knowledge generation and development. This most recent competition took place in Colombia with the collaboration of the Centro Atico de la Universidad Javeriana.

The winners of the first Colombian edition of the contest were announced this week. Interested parties can watch their presentations live at EmTech in Medellín on July 11th and 12th.

Below, you can find a list of victors – including various startups and a few individuals who are quite close to home for all of us at PulsoSocial.

1. Andrés Barreto, 24. Onswipe: A online content and advertising platform for touch devices.

2. Alexander Torrenegra, 33. Torrenegra Labs: An incubator and creator of technology startups in the digital marketplace.

3. José Fernando Vélez, 34, PagosOnline: A payment platform for more accesible e-commerce.

4. Javier Humberto Galindo, 34, ITAC: Software to improve security and performance.

5. César Andrés López, 33. Dersis: Precise 3D topography that digitalizes the real world.

6. Andrés Felipe Gutiérrez, 26. Phalcon PHP: Open code programming infrastructure for small- and mid-sized businesses.

7. Daniel Aranguren, 30. Keraunos: Highly reliable storm predicting systems.

8. Lina Marcela Cataño, 26. Utópica EAFIT: Houseboats for those facing floods in underdeveloped areas.

9. Juan Sebastián Osorio, 25. Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia – Universidad CES: Personalized medical devices for specialized medical attention.

10. Álvaro Rojas-Peña, 32. Universidad de Michigan: An extracorporeal conservation system for transplant organs.

Keep an eye out for Hans Steffens’ coverage of presentations in Medellín next week, which will surely take Colombian technology innovation to the next level.

This text has been adapted into English from its original Spanish publication.


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