Attention: The Second Round of @PulsoConf Tickets Go On Sale Tonight!

Tonight at midnight, a set of 100 tickets for PulsoConf will be released for purchase.

PulsoConf is the premier Latin American event on technology, business and entrepreneurship, bringing together forces from Latin America and the United States. Organizers expect to take full advantage of all the current global market has to offer when it comes to creating technology-based businesses.

After weeks of anticipation, the first round of PulsoConf tickets went on sale last week and sold out in a matter of minutes. Didn’t get a chance to reserve yours? Not to worry. A second round of tickets are hitting the market tonight!

Tickets will go on sale on the PulsoConf website tonight at midnight. Make sure to sign up to receive immediate notification when this and other rounds of tickets become available. Each ticket costs US$150.

How to get your ticket?

1. Insert your e-mail address in the indicated field at now.

2. When the clock hits 00:00:00  you’ll receive notification that tickets are available.

3. Purchase your ticket.

4. Check out and head to bed … or keep working on your latest code, whatever you’d prefer.

We’ll soon be announcing a special discount for LatamDigest subscribers.


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