Of the 10 Startups Featured at Rockstart Demo Day, Latin America Remains in the Mix

Last Friday, June 15th, Rockstart Accelerator organized its first ever Demo Day. A relatively new startup accelerator, the Amsterdam-based organization invited a group of over 300 investors, mentors and other guests to attend.

Rockstart helps teams from Europe and around the world to launch their startups, supporting 10 teams at a time in their endeavors. Rockstart works with a 100+100-days framework and offers US$20,000 seed investment and six months of free office space, requiring just 8% equity in the selected startups.

Rockstart’s kick-off Demo Day, held at the Undercurrent in Amsterdam, featured 10 startups from around the world. Each group presented its business, and many received investment offers on the spot.

One shining star of the group of presenters was Postcron, a social-media scheduling tool based right here in Latin America in Córdoba, Argentina. The startup was able to close its seeding round prior to Demo Day and seeks to lead the Latin American social media market by the end of 2012.

Organizers and attendees had nothing but good things to say about this inaugural event:

“Even better than expected. I had a queue of investors that were waiting to talk with me just 10 second after my pitch. Everything was really perfect. Now we have just to make it happen.”

                – Stefano Cutello, PastBook Co-founder, on the response of investors.

“During the past 100 days the startups have truly grown their businesses, their products and their teams to the next level. The shift to thinking global was clearly demonstrated in their performance last Friday at Demo Day: high energy and aspiration, big ambition and most of all 100% focused.”

                – Don Ritzen, Rockstart Accelerator Co-founder and Managing Director.

“The amount of great mentors and experts I met and the publicity we received in just 3 months would have cost me at least 2 years to achieve”

                – Pepijn de Visscher, Founder & CEO IdeeDock on, the Rockstart 100-day program.

The 10 projects pitched at Demo Day were:

Wercker, a subscription-based continuous deployment cloud platform for developers.

Peerby, a peer-to-peer rental platform.

Nexi, an HR platform connecting employees’ friends with job openings.

Djuke.it, a music venue smartphone app based in the Netherlands.

Postcron, a social media scheduler.

Ideedock, a cloud-based collaborative thinking platform.

VideoAvatars, a media advertising provider based on performance tracking and interaction.

PastBook, an application that highlights social memories based on vibrancy.

Owlin, a news update platform 15 minutes faster than Bloomberg and Reuters.

imgZine, a real-time publishing platform.

All 10 startups will attend the Rockstart summer program for acceleration, where they will continue to develop their products and close investment deals. They’ll also spend the time preparing for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: Rockstart Roadtrip, a trip around San Francisco and Silicon Valley from September 6th to October 1st.


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