Wayra Argentina Announces 10 New Startups for Acceleration

Yesterday, Wayra Argentina announced the 10 startups that will become part of its acceleration process starting in July. While some of the participants have undergone incubation previously, for others, this will be the first experience.

The selected startups are:

1. Comenta.TV will be completing a sort of acceleration trilogy with Wayra after incubating with Nxtplabs and Start-Up Chile previously. As we explained in a previous post, ComentaTV is a social television platform that provides real time engagement metrics to networks, producers and advertisers. If the platform’s business model can be adjusted to fit cable television, it will prove an interesting opportunity for Wayra and Telefónica. It also has exciting prospects for launch in the English-language market in cities with strong entertainment industries like New York.

2. Educabilia is a city education community. The platform brings together education offers throughout a city, facilitating the search, comparison, selection and reservation of courses, classes and workshops. It also allows teachers and institutes to publicize courses and fosters the creation of classes for professionals outside of traditional education institutions. With 1,000 users already signed up, Educabilia is counting on Wayra’s assistance to expand throughout Latin America.

3. Eventdoo is an online platform for pre-sale-dependent events. In other words, these events will take place only if they meet certain requirements relating to time, attendees and funds, the idea being to minimize risks for event-goers and organizers. Eventdoo is based on the crowdfunding concept that has taken the event business by storm with its “on demand” nature.

4. I am @ maximizes collective experiences by way of mobile devices. Through the platform, the organizer becomes a sort of master of ceremonies, exchanging audio, video, images, tweets and texts from a console. Sporting events and concerts become playgrounds of figures; the crowd comes to life. Automatic translation, videos, updated schedules – even long waits are improved when everyone’s able to interact. One possible issue? The name of the startup, which is hard to decipher in the Spanish language unless it’s spelled out.

5.  Kinetik is a winning application we’ve been following for quite some time. This will be a great opportunity for Telefónica to consider Kinetik for preloading on its smartphones. The app sharestore of sorts previously incubated with Nxtplabs.

6. Shopperception is a prime example of a strong product in need of a serious investor. Dealing with Google Analytics and market studies, you can find the product review here.

7. Sincropool is a carpooling platform helping professionals organize daily trips to and from the office. It is a direct competitor of Poolami.

8. SocialTools allows for the harnessing of a Fan Page’s full potential. By way of an easy-to-use platform and at an accessible price, users can add various applications to their Fan Pages, such as competitions, RSS feeds and content apps. SocialTools helps its clients to attract new fans, interact more effectively, get to know their audiences and increase sales. No design or programming expertise is required.

9. Viralica is a tool designed for consumers to receive benefits by spreading the word about a local brand or store via Facebook, Foursquare or Twitter. All one has to do is to scan a QR code at a location, therefore Tweeting or sharing something about it on Facebook, and he or she will receive a benefit in return. Viralica is a creation of the BetweenCreation team.

10. Wideoo is a simple and intuitive online tool that helps users to create short animated videos and share their ideas.

Image: Wayra.org

This text has been adapted into English from its original Spanish publication.


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