Alertab Takes the Cake at Startup Weekend Medellín

This past weekend’s second edition of Startup Weekend Medellín featured 13 finalist initiatives, which emerged from a group of 80 young participants, the ideas of whom highlighted the innovative strength of the Colombian startup community.

The panel of judges included Mauricio Ferrer (General Manager, Cloud Computing Strategy, Intergupo), Diana Arismendy Schroeder (innovation management and market strategy business consultant), Esteban Velasco (Investment Director at Tagua Capital), Juan Roberto Garcia (Vice President of Corporate Markets at UNE) and Thomas Treutler (Founder and Manager of FlyClinic, a company focused on medical tourism).

Of the finalists to present over the weekend, the winners were:

First Place

Alertab: Life-saving alert button. Monitoring and early-disaster-detection platform. Also features an MVP button for the early detection of relationship violence and conflict resolution for women.

Second Place

Graffity: An application that allows graffiti to be interposed into photos.

Third Place

Quickchef: Helps users to find practical recipes and get them into their kitchens.

The judges based their decisions on three main criteria when evaluating each proposal:

1.- Client Validation: Have you interviewed potential clients and target users? Has the feedback you’ve received been integrated? Do you already have a group of fans and a potential audience?

2.- Business Model: Do you stand out amongst your competitors? Do you have a clearly-defined strategy for getting clients and launching your product? Is your revenue model explained clearly and realistic?

3.- Execution: Do you have a developed prototype that works? Does your team work well together?

The aforementioned prizes awarded at #SWmed were accompanied by rewards handed out by the sponsors of the event:

First Place

RUTA N: Eight hours of assessment by the mentors of the Founder Institute, participation in its workshop and tickets for EMTECH (an MIT Technology Review event).

INTERGRUPO: 100 hours of programming or consulting.

PARQUE E: Three months of shared working space with assessment and support.

ESCALA: Personalized and group coaching.

GITTHUB: A one-year micro plan to be used by the entire team.

PEEPCODE: One credit or bonus for each team member for access to one free video.

Second Place

Ruta N: Eight hours of assessment with the Founder Institute mentors.

Ruta N: Participation in the Ruta N intellectual property workshop for technology startups.

Parque E: Three months of shared workspace and assessment and support for the two winning teams. Also, a .co domain for all participating teams.

IEEE: Five six-month IEEE memberships, and a six-month Computer Society membership for first place.

This text has been adapted into English from its original Spanish publication.


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